Apr 17, 2010

Presidential Memorandum on Patient's Right to Designate Visitors

This week President Obama issued a memorandum to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, that asks the Secretary to use her rulemaking authority to require all hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid patients to respect the wishes of patients with respect to who should be allowed to visit them.

It directs that hospital rules should make it "clear that designated visitors, including individuals designated by legally valid advance directives (such as durable powers of attorney and health care proxies), should enjoy visitation privileges that are no more restrictive than those that immediate family members enjoy. You should also provide that participating hospitals may not deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability."

This is great news for couples in non-traditional relationships, as well as widows and widowers, and really anyone who needs the love and support of non-family members while ill. And it makes it especially important (although it has always been especially important) for those who want to designate loved ones as their health care agents to complete valid Advance Directives or Health Care Proxies so that these designations have the force of law.

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