Jun 11, 2009

No Thanks, Dad -- Son Notifies Police of Stolen Art After Father's Death

NPR reports a story of interest to all of those who stand to inherit a collection of note from a parent. And it's a good reminder that you need to think about what you've inherited.

Collectibles dealer John Stasso amassed a large private collection worth millions, consisting of manuscripts, ancient books, artifacts, and antiquities that began with a trip to Italy in 1958. When his son, Joseph Sisto, realized that many of the artifacts had been illegally smuggled out of Italy, he confronted his father.  When Joseph found out that his father had died, he immediately called the police. Two hours later, the FBI arrived, along with specialists who will inspect and return the artifacts to Italy, many of which hadn't been seen for a very long time.

"It's a huge relief," said Joseph, "because as much as I love my... family, this will also help them... They won't have to live with the oppression of thinking they have stolen or smuggled goods... It's sort of like trying to own a Mona Lisa in your house, you know."