Jan 19, 2009

More Bad Real Estate News: People Selling Burial Plots at a Steep Discount

Just when you thought the news couldn't get much worse with respect to property values, the AP reports that there's a big uptick in the market for burial plots. People are selling their eternal resting places to pay for food and shelter in the here and now -- but so many are flooding the market that prices are way down. Yikes.

One plot broker (who knew there was even such a job description?) reported that he was doing 9 or 10 times as much business as usual. The laws of supply and demand, however, seem to be holding true with depressing vigor. He also reported that one woman purchased a plot for $500 that had originally been sold for $6,800.

For information on sparing your family worry and confusion by writing down your funeral plans, see Nolo's article Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service.